10th December, 2020

Your Story: How You Tell it Can Be The Difference Between A Good Business And A Great Business.

How do you go about telling your story? Right now, if I was to ask you, about you. How would you
respond? Would you go in to a blow by blow account of your life since birth, missing out no detail? Would
you brush over it and give me just the highlights? Whatever your story is, you do have one and it should
be told.

Your Story is unique and interesting, keep it that way

If you ever found yourself in that situation where somebody enquires as to what it is that ‘you do.’ have
you ever stopped to think about it? I mean truly think about it? or is it more likely you run off resume
type response?

It’s highly likely that you have at some point given polar opposite responses to the same question. It can
be a mood thing, it might be you were having a great day… or a bad one, or maybe it’s just the

Whatever the case may be it is really important to know how to share your story without fear of boring
your audience or for that matter boring yourself.

The opportunity of telling your story should never be underestimated, even to someone who might just
be asking out of politeness, to make small talk – urggghh!

Less can be so much more when it comes to your story

There’s no need to brag and boast. You don’t need to by apprehensive or anxious. All that’s required is a need to be
clear and concise as to what your story is. Too many times I have sat in meetings listening to great
stories be told, but for far too long. The room withdraws very quickly, eyes glaze over and sighs can be

There is an art to telling a story such as your own, it’s not a scientific formula, and it’s not overly
complicated. It’s quite simple really, there are just a few rules to follow, well, not rules as much as

Respect Others

The greatest form of respect you can show any other human being, is to listen to them. And you should
listen to them, our fellow humans are a great source of knowledge, education, experiences and lesson.
When it comes to your turn to speak, you will be paid the same respect. So keep in mind, listening can
be done both aurally and physically. Engagement comes from the voice and ultimately, the story teller
will seek engagement, but that doesn’t mean interrupting, interacting or changing the course of the
conversation. That is just plain rude.

You’re story might seem more interesting. The subject of conversation might not play to your own
knowledge, but respect should always be given

The Art of Telling Your Story

So now it’s your turn, how are you going to do this? What’s the plan? Details or yada yada yada?
Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Leave them wanting more

Great story tellers know how to get engagement. It’s their ultimate goal because it allows them to
continue to tell their own story without incessantly talking it through. It gets the audience involved through
laughter, empathy, questions and gestures.

So how do you tell your story?

Three things will guide you here, three very simple things to cover. No more that sixty seconds is needed
on each part. If you’re still talking about yourself after five, ten, fifteen minutes – you’ve lost.
Just remember three in three.

  1. Who you are – This is where you lay the foundation. You became who you are because…
  2. What you do – Your vocation in life is…
  3. Why you do it – The big one. Your passion. Every fibre of your morsel is electrified by….

And that’s it. It’s all you need to do, everything else will follow, and soon you’ll be requested to share
more. You’ll leave a lasting, memorable impression, which is what all good stories should do.

Your Story is Your Business Story

Now, think about this from a business perspective. Whether networking, advertising or just simply
sharing content. What could be more interesting and relevant to your audience than something they can
relate to or believe in.

Your business just became a much more attractive proposition. Not enough businesses do this and it’s
some of the best awareness you can create.

Content for content sake serves no purpose in out busy and bustling world. People will only stop and
engage if the subject is relevant, interesting and relatable.

Something to keep in mind next time you’re asked or plan to share.

Good luck!

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